Canopy helps investors easily create, share, and manage special purpose vehicles and co-investment opportunities with their LPs.




One platform, everything you need to manage co-investments

Allocation management

Build the round out as you go by instantly knowing how much appetite each LP has and easily visualizing how much allocation is left.

Streamlined deal creation

Whether it’s an outsized allocation or a secondary purchase, set up an opportunity in minutes, share it with your LPs in seconds.

Real-time data room

Update, upload, and share files in real time with your LPs.Stop sending emails back and forth and eliminate versioning inconsistencies.

Customizable terms

Easily adjust carry and management fees for each individual investor.

Fund administration and reporting

Full service fund accounting and reporting. Plus, let your LPs see how their investments are doing anytime they want.

Data privacy first

We understand the importance and sensitivity of your data. Canopy will never sell any of your data to third parties.


"With Canopy, fund managers can not only increase their overall income, but also deliver better access and returns for their LPs, enhancing LP retention."

Steve Schlenker

Co-Founder and Managing Director, DN Capital


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