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Canopy is a fintech company on a mission to democratize access to private investments. We believe early access to world-changing projects should not be limited to the ultra-wealthy. By automating the process of private investment with a technology-first approach, we are building a future where investing in alternative assets is simple and streamlined for both managers and individual investors alike.
Our team

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John Ling
George Fang
Emily Huang
Chief Of Staff
Alexander Danilowicz
Software Engineer
Teddy Ni
Software Engineer
Joanna Nguyen
Go-to-Market Director
Jordan Grollman
Customer Success Lead
Young Chen
Software Engineer
Zach Schlenker
Operations Finance Analyst
Alex Chan
Software Engineer
Jeff Liu
Head of Product Strategy
Heather Cai
Software Engineer
Paolo Takagi-Atilano
Software Engineer
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